New Car Smell

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Washington (CNN) — Drive it straight off the lot and into the Oval Office.
That’s what President Obama says the American people want, admitting Sunday that the country is ready to shift gears and hit the gas with a new leader.
“I think the American people, you know, they’re going to want that new car smell,” Obama said in an interview that aired Sunday on ABC’s “This Week.” “You know, they want to drive something off the lot that — that doesn’t have as much mileage as me.”

Shamelessly stolen from Uppity Woman.

Shamelessly stolen from Uppity Woman.

Now I must say….when I first read the headline on this story, I figured Teh Won had once again thrown Hillary under the bus. But then he said this:

Discussing potential 2016 contenders, Obama had kind words about a former competitor and colleague, who has racked up a number of political accomplishments on her own 2016 odometer.
“She hasn’t announced so I don’t want to jump the gun,” Obama said about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, whom he said he speaks with regularly. “If she decides to run, I think she will be a formidable candidate and I think she’d be a great president.”
“She’s not going to agree with me on everything,” the President continued. “And, you know, one of the benefits of running for president is you can stake out your own positions — and have a clean slate, a fresh start.”

Is Obama giving Hillary the green light to distance herself from him? Is it time to rev up our engines for 2016? What do you think?

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Group Hug!

Thanks everyone for all your kind comments.  Itmusthavebeenacrazy4years but you guys made it fun!  Although I won’t be posting anything, I’m not officially closing the blog down.  At least, until everything gets scrubbed, I want my little protest blog to stay on the internet as proof that not all Democrats drank the kool-aid of 2008 and 2012.  We knew then….and we know now.  Take care.

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After all the golfing, Obamacare, BP oilspill, unemployment, credit rating downgrade, vacations, Fast & Furious, high gas prices,  bad debates, name calling, Benghazi coverup, and general  Jimmy Carter-like malaise……he still wins?  My faith in democracy, in our country, died slowly.  First in 2000, then 2004.  I let myself hope again in 2007 only to be disappointed again in 2008.  The final nail in the coffin for me is 2012.  That the country would choose 4 more years of that narcissist, know nothing slacker is beyond comprehension.

Thank you all for visiting this tiny, tiny…I mean really tiny corner of the blog-a-sphere.  And of course I have enjoyed commiserating with many of you on other blogs such as the wonderful, Uppity Woman Blog.  After tonight, I don’t have any desire to follow politics anymore.  Our media decides our fate, as Obama himself complained, I am, or we are,  just props.

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Election Day 2012 is Here!

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There is No 4th Estate

What happened to these guys?????

Ben Bradlee: You know the results of the latest Gallup Poll? Half the country never even heard of the word Watergate. Nobody gives a shit. You guys are probably pretty tired, right? Well, you should be. Go on home, get a nice hot bath. Rest up… 15 minutes. Then get your asses back in gear. We’re under a lot of pressure, you know, and you put us there. Nothing’s riding on this except the, uh, first amendment to the Constitution, freedom of the press, and maybe the future of the country. Not that any of that matters, but if you guys fuck up again, I’m going to get mad. Goodnight.

Okay, these guys were cuter when they said it….but they’re just actors, much like our “News Media” today.

THIS is what has become of our “journalists” our 4th Estate:  CBS releases this transcript the day before the election.  They BURIED it on purpose.

Obama said he referred to it as an act of terror Sept. 12 in a statement in the Rose Garden at the White House. Debate moderator Candy Crowley of CNN agreed and told Romney he was wrong.

But in an interview with CBS newsman Steve Kroft after the Rose Garden statement but on the same day, Obama was asked what he meant because Kroft indicated it was unclear:

Kroft: Mr. President, this morning you went out of your way to avoid the use of the word terrorism in connection with the Libya attack. Do you believe that this was a terrorist attack?

Obama: Well it’s too early to know exactly how this came about, what group was involved, but obviously it was an attack on Americans.

CBS News waited until Nov. 4 to post that portion of its interview and offered no explanation as to why it delayed release of a video clip that was pertinent to what became a significant story at the time.

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Now This is My Kind of Poll!

Margin of error….plus or minus 5 beers.

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He’s Just Not That Into You

Was it only about the photo op?

Just a One Night Stand…

President Obama this morning ignored a reporter’s question about the mounting frustration victims of Hurricane Sandy are having with the response to the storm, refusing to let a question from the press interrupt a FEMA photo op in which he was on display taking action.

An excerpt rom the press pool report, which starts with a quote from Obama:

“There is nothing more important than us getting this right. And we’re going to spend as much time, effort and energy as necessary to make sure all the people of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut know that the entire country is behind them in this difficult recovery effort.”

He spoke for about five minutes. Pool asked about frustrations of people, particularly Staten Island. He did not respond.

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A Nail Biter

We are coming down to the wire now and it looks like it’s gonna be a nail biter.  If Obama wins he will be forever indebted to the so-called media, CNN, MSNBC, NYT, ABC, CBS, etc.  (But don’t expect anything in return media….that’s just how Barry rolls.)

Careful media…..Obama has been known to EAT dogs.

The Benghazi coverup is beyond media bias, it’s criminal.  And why hurricane Sandy is giving The Chosen and Protected One a bump now is mind boggling.  Doesn’t anyone see the disconnect?  Every day since May 31, 2008 I have hoped I’d wake up to find this was all one very long bad dream.  Will America wake up on November 6th?

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Bada Bing!!

**UPDATE** ABC News reports there were no “Stand Down” orders given to CIA and publishes time line of CIA response to Benghazi attack.  So CIA responded?  What about military??  Why didn’t they respond????  More questions than answers.


Former Assistant Secretary of Defense Bing West lays it all out on Greta last night:

(I’ll update with a youtube video when it becomes available)

If Obama had given the directive to beef up security and save personnel, as some he said he did, then his Sec. of Defense and top military brass disobeyed orders.  West believes this is highly unlikely.  Conclusion?  Where’s the execution order Mr. Obama???

So as soon as we found out that the Benghazi consulate was being overrun, I was on the phone with my national security team and I gave them three instructions.

Number one, beef up our security and procedures, not just in Libya, but at every embassy and consulate in the region.

Another suggestion is that Obama did not give an order to send help, even though his carefully worded defense suggests that he did….he speaks of “beefing up” security, which people take to mean sending help….he could mean adding security, after the fact.  Obama has often given vague explanations that allow him to sit on the fence and vote present, it wouldn’t surprise me if he refused to give a directive to help, which would be the same as a stand down, without using the words, “stand down”.

On the other hand, West says that not only did Sec. of State Hillary Clinton ask for more security leading up to Sept. 11th, the State Department, unlike the president, immediately sent a plane to Benghazi with personnel to assist. (on video starting at about 4:20) Somebody isn’t telling the truth…..I wonder who?

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Happy Halloween

Obama decided to try something new this year for a Halloween costume….

I’m not a real president……I just play one on TV.

He’s going dressed as a leader.

Oh, and for the sake of comparison, here’s how he looked in his regular clothes…..

on September 11, 2012…….

Fired up and ready to go forward!

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